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Set Top Box Information

Important Set Top Box Information:

Hello and thank you so very much for taking the time to consider making your purchase from Valuestores.

I would like to point out something which is obvious to some but not to everyone.

Compatible Receivers / Set Top Box means that it will work with TV services such as:

But you have to be in the correct post code and with the right equipment for example someone in the UK Mainland will not get Saorsat / Saorview as you need to be in a post coded area for those services (same applies to Freesat / Freeview if you are in Ireland)

Now because i have mentioned postcode i will outline that this will NOT offer you the postcode set up like you get with Freesat for example its just an easier way to explain what area’s you need to be in.

There are some exceptions on what these compatible receivers are capable of and I know there is a lot of misleading and confusing information on the internet.

Receiving a signal will result in you being able to view the channels (Watch TV) but any Set Top Box not badged with the logo of the respective service such as a Freesat badge will not get the extra services which can include

Now just because the box doesn’t receive these services does not mean it is faulty / broken / incompatible it means it doesn’t carry the software needed inside the box to get them and never will unless it has the badge on the front (Like Humax / Manhattan Boxes for Example) which is why they are so much cheaper without the “badge” above as they do not have to pay the licensing to use these extras.

USB Recording / Timer Recording options are available for all decent receivers same as EPG but most will only offer these features to EU Services and not the ones outlined above.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion caused by the vast information available which isn’t always 100% accurate.

If you have purchased a Set Top Box from us hoping to have these services I am afraid they will not offer them, we will happily take them back in perfect condition as long as we are informed within 14 days of your order via email to

Please remember any items returned need to be packaged with nothing stuck to the receivers outer carton.

Michael Hill
Company Director