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Pricing Policy


Put simply we do the legwork for you – we try so very hard to not be undersold by another company and that’s a promise to you. We are keen to help you understand what we mean so we made this page full of information and questions we have been asked in the past to make it easier.

How do we price our products?

We proactively check the prices of branded products at our competitors as often was we can, including online. If we find that they are selling the same individual product, sold with the same service and conditions, at a lower price, we’ll meet that price instantly. So we don’t expect you to find a lower price elsewhere. But if you do, you can easily make a price match request.

What if i find a price cheaper somewhere else?

If you do find the same product for sale at a lower price at a high street competitor, either in store or online, and sold with the same service and conditions,you can make a price match request. It’s really easy – just let us know – info here

What do we mean by competitor?

Our competitors usually trade on the same basis as us. They have a business premises (office, shop, store, warehouse) or they are on a high street or comparable shopping destination, (Not working from home) which are open to the public on the UK mainland. They stock a reasonable range of goods for customers to buy and take away, with clearly displayed prices. Their websites trade under the same brand and on the same basis as their high street shops.

Businesses that trade on a different basis to ValueStores are not deemed comparable competitors. (Such as non VAT registered businesses, businesses with no premises & businesses who are not registered in the UK) These include outlets that operate only on the internet or through mail-order, showrooms attached to internet-only companies, collection points, auction sites, factory outlets, membership clubs, duty-free shops, market stalls or home shopping channels. Also will never match competitors who are in administration or closing down.

What prices do you match?

The competitor’s prices need to be publicly available to all customers. For us to verify these prices, they need to be displayed in the competitor’s own website, or be the first price quoted to us if we were to call them. The price must apply to a new, identical individual products, that’s the same make, model, size and colour.

How do we compare service?

We always aim to offer you the best possible service, so we have a range of delivery options. Our team look carefully at how the competitor sells the product, to ensure that it’s comparable to our offer in the following ways:

Stock availability: We carry stock, and for us to match the price, our competitor must have the product in stock (rather than available only to order). For products that we deliver, we ask that the competitor is able to deliver in equivalent timescales to us.

Delivery or Click & collect charges: For products that require delivery or are available for Click & collect only, we will take any associated charges into account when comparing the total price you will pay.

What about Bundles?

We will match on a case-by-case basis the total price for the bundle of products, if the price of the bundle is publicly available to all customers and the products in the competitor’s bundle are identical to products we sell, including any free items. If bundled products offered at a promotional rate by a competitor can also be bought individually at full price, we will generally not lower our price for the bundle itself.

What about promotions or sale prices?

We match price-based promotions given at the point of purchase, but we don’t consider service or reward-based promotions, such as trade-ins, cashbacks, extended warranties or express delivery. If a competitor is running a very short-term promotion, we may not have a chance to lower our price, but we’ll still consider refunding you the difference.

We do consider temporarily discounted prices, including any publicly available voucher codes that are published alongside the product at the point of purchase, or on the competitor’s website. We don’t consider special prices that are only available to certain customers, for instance negotiated prices or prices for groups such as account holders, reward card or club/vip members. We don’t consider prices that are only available through third-party websites, or with voucher codes issued to individual customers or groups.

What about special order items?

We will consider matching the price on special order lines that aren’t part of our normal stocked range. But we reserve the right to refuse to lower prices on such orders where it would be uneconomical for us to do so. We’ll let you know if we’re able to match a price at the point of confirming your order.

What about foreign companies?

We do not price match any competitor outside of mainland UK.