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Find The Perfect Products to Create A Home Theatre System

A home theatre system is often depicted in MTV’s Cribs or in ‘Through the Keyhole’ as the most amazing part of any home. Watching on you’ll see the carefully planned room is packed full of comfortable chairs, a glorious screen or projector as well as discreet speakers that create the ultimate surround sound.

At Value Stores we have everything you need to create a home theatre system in your own home with our vast array of audio, connection, HDMI, TV and homeware products that will kit out your new home theatre. Whether you’re transforming your basement into an underground mini-cinema or you want the ability to switch your living room into a theatre with the dimming of a few lights, we’ve got everything you need.

To begin with it’s important you have a screen worthy of building a home theatre around. With our selection of cinema quality projectors, you can turn one of your walls into a bursting experience of colour and clarity. Coupled with our vast range of audio connections and speakers, you can create the ideal home theatre system with ease.

Sourced from the best brands across the world, choose Value Stores for all your audio and visual needs. To discover how we can help you create the ultimate home theatre system, get in contact with us today.