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Discover Our Range Of Edifier Speaker Systems

Discrete, powerful and attractive is what you’re looking for when you’re investing in a new speaker system. If your home theatre needs an addition that will help broadcast sound in the best way around your room, Edifier have a full range that could be ideal for you. At Value Stores we stock a wide variety of Edifier speaker systems that pack a punch.

As Edifier are one of the most renowned brands in the audio world, it pays to see exactly what they can offer you. You’ll find everything you need at Value Stores for a home addition that will add to the atmosphere in your living room, study or bedroom.

If you’re looking for an Edifier speaker system that is great for hooking up your music, we’ve got the ideal product: Edifier E30 Spinnaker Chic Speaker System. Featuring Bluetooth, wireless and wired connections and a modern design, it’s sure to transform your audio experience.

The two spinnaker-styled towers allow for a beautiful sound to be created as well as moving away from traditional boxy speakers. These are stylish in the extreme and will provide you with quality audio for your TV, gaming console and multimedia system.

If you’d like to find out more about our range of Edifier speaker systems, get in contact with our team at Value Stores today.